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How to overcome the Blue Whale Challenge?

The viral game that propels children towards self-harm is terrifying parents and institutions alike, alternate methods could be adopted to help save children from harm.


The Blue Whale and its various version that have surfaced online are claiming lives everyday. Even UNICEF has stepped in and issued an advisory. Experts say that some “tasks” of the Blue Whale call for behavioural changes that parents and friends that teenagers trust can keep an eye out for, for timely intervention.


Signs of Trouble - 


Disturbed sleeping habits

Late hours in front of the computer are not uncommon, but some “tasks” involve being up at 4 in the morning and online. Extrovert children will become withdrawn, and inroverts will become even secluded say experts.


Lack of interest in usual activities

Even children who are quiet have a routine like playing certain outdoor games or hanging out with a friend. If they withdraw from even these, pay attention.


Bodily marks

A number of the things “participants” are made to do involve marking themselves, even before the final stages. Keep an eye out for cuts or scratches.


How to Step In?



The Pink Whale

A large part of Blue Whale depends on isolating the victim. The Pink Whale is an online game that goes the other way and helps parents engage the children. The whole concept of it is to make you take control of your well-being and form human connections, and it’s catching on fast.


Adopt a Caring approach

If you suddenly shut off everything and cut off Internet access, your child will only get aggressive.


Listen to them

Sit down with your child and help them understand that the “game” is manipulating them. No one takes kindly to being taken advantage of; it might reduce the “coolness” factor of it.


Constant Communication

Let the child know that it is okay for them to talk to you about anything. Trusting communication will help you find out about peer pressure and other issues too.


Gently Move Them Offline

Do this in a gentle, gradual way. Try to keep them offline for a day, to start with, through distraction. Take them out on a family outing or improve familial interaction in some way.


Disclaimer - This is not professional advice, seek counsel and medical help, if you belive you are a victim of the Blue Whale Game. ViralKart strongly condems spread of the Blue Whale game and urges public to spread the word on the harmful nature of the Blue Whale game.


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